Do You Need a Specific Cut of Wood?

We have a variety of products for you to choose from

Do you need special or custom lumber for an upcoming project? Chances are, Barnwood Bros. carries that lumber. Whether you’re building a shed, adding fencing to your property or buying siding for your home, shop our selection find what you need.

At Barnwood Bros., we pride ourselves on curating beautiful and durable reclaimed and repurposed lumber. Reach out to us right away at 307-259-9306 to learn more about the products we carry.

Check out the products we offer

Barnwood Bros. offers a variety of wood products. We carry a variety of plank sizes, small and large. When you visit our store, you can find:

  • Various plank sizes: 1X & up
  • Dimensional Lumber
  • Beams & Mantles
  • Reclaimed Tin & Siding
  • Reclaimed Flooring
  • Reclaimed Hardware & Accent Materials
  • Vintage barn doors
  • Custom barn doors
  • Custom furniture
  • Custom mantles

Call us today to learn more about the products we carry at Barnwood Bros.